Staff With "Hooves"

Our therapy horses are very special animals, chosen for their dependable nature and their affinity with people. They are quiet and well trained. 

Please scroll down to see our horses that we are currently using in our program and read a bit of history on them.

Ali Cat

Cat (aka: Ali Cat) is a Palomino mare that was born in 1992 and arrived  July, 2008.  Cat came from a very nice acreage where she took local children on pony and trail rides.  Her owners had to move so they brought her to WELCA to live.  Cat is very shy but loves to take special care of her riders and talks non-stop with her leader and because of her gentle and calm nature, is often used with riders who may require two side-walkers.


Caffi (aka: Caffi Latte) is a chestnut gelding that was born in 1992 and is privately owned. Caffi has a loving personality and responds very well in lessons, especially to riders who are independent, but takes anything you ask of him in stride. Caffi prefers to be groomed in a soft manner. 



Cocoa is a bay mare that was born 1994 and arrived October, 2009. Cocoa is very affectionate but prefers to pick who is going to be her leader.  Cocoa's riders all adore her and she has a way to make riders all feel safe on top of her. Cocoa's delicate frame makes her ideal for smaller riders that can achieve independent riding sooner.



Dakota was born 1998 and arrived  March, 2007. Dakota has been working with Little Bits since 2008 and really seems to be enjoying her job.  Dakota loves getting attention from everyone and loves to pose for photos. You can often find her standing on the driest spots in her pen. Dakota can be ridden both Western and English and because she is so patient, can help her riders achieve many of their goals.


Dancer (aka: Sirocco Dancer) was born 1995 and arrived April, 2014. Dancer lived on an acreage for the last few years before arriving at WELCA and is related to Bliss, another horse that has been retired from our program. Dancer is a newer addition to our program and works best with calm and confident riders but has been known to keep fidgety riders calm. Dancer can stride out with the best of them, so if asked, will give the rider a very energetic ride.



Easy is a chestnut gelding who was born 2007 and arrived August 10, 2016. Easy is a Quarter Horse cross and has been a participant in both 4H clubs and trail rides. As a new addition to our Little Bits family, Easy is fitting right in and now being used by riders both advanced and beginners. Because of his natural curiosity, Easy loves to see what everyone is doing and loves getting attention.



Echo is a bay Morgan gelding who was born 1999 and is privately owned. Echo is a very gentle horse and has a long thick mane, forelock and tail and carries his riders proudly. One look into Echo's big beautiful eyes will make you fall in love with him. Don't be fooled though, Echo will make all his riders pay attention. Echo is used mostly for adult riders who are independent and can handle Echo's personality. 



Gemini is a large Quarter Horse dark bay mare born 2002 and arrived December, 2012. Gemini was very shy when she first arrived, but now waits by the gate to be brought in. Gemini is such a sweet mare and quick study that she is used for riders who need to mount in less traditional ways. Gemini's forward attitude makes her a perfect candidate for those who want to feel the horse move. When leading, one only needs to walk a little faster to get a trot.



Gumper (aka: Life's Desire) is a dark bay Canadian Standardbred gelding who was born 2000 and was bought by Little Bits. When Gumper first arrived, he was found to be both patient and curious with a very trusting nature. Gumper has quickly wormed his way into people's hearts. Often mistaken for Sheeza, Gumper has a small star in the shape of a "G" with a tiny white spot on his nose. Gumper's gaits and 15.2 hh size make him ideal for more independent riders.



Jasper is a chestnut Quarter horse gelding that was born in 1999 and arrived with Major in November 2018. Jasper was previously a ranch and trail horse who had seen and done it all ranch style. If you want to see Jasper outside, he will be found in a pen with his best buddy Major. Jasper was a great hit this 2020 summer and we are looking forwards to seeing his handsome face in the fall program.


Jaycie is a dun Quarter Horse mare that was born April 25, 2001 and arrived July 13, 2018. Jaycie started with Little Bits in the fall 2018 and has been slowly integrated into the program. Jaycie is currently being used by more independent riders and the leaders find her very responsive to anything asked. Jaycie can be ridden both English and Western.



Kassidy is a loveable chestnut Arab gelding that we started to use in the winter 2020 program. Kassidy was so well received that we had him join the summer program and his riders instantly fell in love with him. He is very curious but insists that the riders work with him. Kassidy lives with Caffi, Steel and Remy and all have a great time together. 



Luke was born in 2002 and is a grey Percheron-Fjord cross who has the passion to teach riders and others that big horses have big hearts too. Luke has buckets of energy and a bouncy trot which all riders love but he can also be very patient when required. Luke is a favorite with leaders but you must keep Luke walking straight or he will lean right on you. Luke loves to pose for photos and will come up and say hi to anyone that comes to visit him but please.... NO treats. Luke is on a special diet.



Major is a chestnut Quarter horse gelding that was born in 1999 and arrived with Japer in November 2018. Major came from a ranch life and was ridden both for work and trails. Major is very well trained and puts his riders to the test every class. Because of his background Major does not let little things bother him and he loves to pose for the camera. If you are trying to find Major, look for the 2 chestnuts.



Mandy was born 1996 and arrived October, 2011. Mandy is a bold bay mare with a no nonsense attitude who loves to work with her riders. Mandy can be ridden both independently and with side-walkers when they are required. For the volunteers, if you walk fast, Mandy will trot right beside you. Mandy can be easily spotted in a field due to her crooked nose, but this does not stop her.


Mike (aka: Big Mike) is a large bay Welsh Cob gelding that was born June 1, 2002 and arrived July 13, 2018. Mike joined Little Bits in the fall of 2018. Mike is a very curious horse that responds very well to his riders and leaders. Because Mike is only 14 hh, this enables side-walkers easier access to their rider but Mike's wide girth in his barrel allows taller riders the ability to ride without feeling too big. 


Popeye (aka: Jacks Royal Mystery) was born 1996 and arrived September, 2004. Popeye is a chestnut gelding that has the softest coat, but if you are going to groom Popeye, only use the softest brush as anything else will irritate him.  Popeye is very gentle and willing with independent riders and has a fantastic western jog that his riders really enjoy. While leading Popeye, always give him plenty of room so that he can work properly with his rider.



Remy is a 16.1 hh grey warmblood that was born 1996 and arrived September 25, 2016. Remy stands very stately and his quiet stature allows independent riders to feel his great strides. On Remy's first day, he stood at the mounting ramp for his rider and did not move on until asked. Remy has a lot of training which makes it a lot easier for both his riders and leaders. We are lucky to have such a wonderful new horse as part of our program.



Rizzo was born 1996 and arrived September 27, 2010. Rizzo is a Warm-blood/ paint cross that was used in Pony Club, 4H and for trails. Rizzo is a beautiful chestnut mare with a wide blaze on her face. Rizzo joined the program in the spring of 2015 and has quickly won the hearts of her riders and leaders. Rizzo is kind, gentle and a perfect fit to our program and lots of volunteers hearts.



Secret is a pony size fleabitten grey mare that was born in 1998 and arrived in March 2019. Secret was donated for us to use in our program. Secret is a been-there done-that kind of gal and has been owned by many who have loved her and want her to start a new career. We will be trying Secret when allowed and will update her progress.



Steel was born 1994 and arrived March, 2014. Steel is a large grey gelding that is used for the taller riders and has shown his patience, understanding and intelligence with his riders and volunteers. Being smooth gaited, Steel is much sought after. Being used now by a variety of riders, Steel keeps everyone on their toes. Steel is very kind and needs a leader that is able to help riders become more independent on him.


Treasure was born in 1997 and is a 15 hh Seal Brown Morgan gelding that has lots of pizzazz. Little Bits bought Treasure from a former rider who needed a new horse that has skills for the next level of competition. Treasure is a treat for leaders and his long stride keeps riders engaged. We are very honoured to have Treasure in our program. If you are looking for him in a field look for his dapples.


Sparky is the new stable cat. He is also an orange tabby, neutered and has a very strict diet so that he does his job of hunting the mice. We ask that if you do meet with Sparky, patting is OK but treats are not.

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