In Memory Of The Horses That Have Touched Our Lives and Our Hearts


Lollipop was a gentle mare that had just began her career as a horse in our program. For such a well schooled horse, Lollipop's gentle nature made her a top choice for riders wanting to go off lead. At only 13 years of age, she had an old soul, we will miss her and remember her fondly. We would like to thank her owner for allowing us the oppertunity to get to know Lollipop, even for this brief moment.


Blu was a horse with many expressions. He really did enjoy being a part of the Little Bits program and was espeically fond of his independant riders. Blu was often fussed over by a few of our volunteers who understood that the gentle approach was the best way to go. Blu had done a lot in his life and will be remembered for being a great horse that we will all miss.


Snickers was a big part of the Little Bits program. His gentle and kind nature allowed his riders to enjoy his smooth gaits and the leaders all loved working with him. As Snickers was the perfect height, he was often ridden by riders that required two side-walkers and his forward pace kept the riders moving in the saddle. Snickers also allowed us to use the mounting ramp with riders that required assistance. We will miss this handsome and patient horse that was a true gentleman.


A horse with many talents, Frost was a big part of Little Bits when he was able to participate. Riders that were nervous became calm and his smooth action made even a timid rider confident. We were very fortunate to have Frost as part of the team and we always knew that he would look after his rider.

As retirement loomed closer, Frost was able to find love in a pony named May. They lived together and enjoyed each others company and will now always be together.



May was a quiet pony that joined us late in life but fit right in. Her patience was great with riders and she would take anything you asked in stride. May became a fast favorite with volunteers and with a sparkle in her eyes would do anything she was asked.

May was retired from Little Bits in the spring of 2018 but both her and Frost had many other roles to play. May and Frost would always be found together and now gallop in field of green side by side.



When one thinks of Joker, one thinks of a great noble grey that was patient, kind and devoted to each rider that ever rode him. At age 33 years, Joker saw a lot. In his younger years, you could sometimes find Joker in the wrong field as he liked to explore and jump the neighboring fence. Don't worry, he never went far. We will all miss this steadfast fellow.



Rooster was a horse that touched many peoples lives. He was kind, calm and was the perfect ambassador for all equines. Rooster had a variety of different horse jobs over the years and later in life, as a horse in our Little Bits program. He made any leaders job, easy. Rooster had retired a few years back but still greeted everyone with his soft manner and gentle ways. He will be missed by everyone whose lives he touched.

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