"Hooves" That Retired

As former staff with hooves, the horses below are some of the retired horses that have worked with the Little Bits program.  

We are thankful for their service and dedication and cherish each one for their service. 




Bliss is a flea bitten grey that was born in 1997 and arrived in 2004 to Whitemud. Bliss has the strength, will and drive to out last most other horses and was loved by volunteers and riders alike. Bliss has gone to live at his owners farm where he will be enjoying a more leisure life.


Elvis is a paint that carries a lot of pride when ridden and was used as an independent mount in the Little Bits program. Elvis was a favorite with many riders and his distinctive heart shape on his face along with his body markings made him easy to find in a field. Elvis and his buddy Dee both returned back to their owner in 2017 to be retired into a more leisure lifestyle.



Higgins is a liver chestnut Dutch Warmblood gelding who was born in 1988 and spent many years as a hunter/jumper. His upright head carriage makes him look very regal and he often favored quiet riders.  Late in 2014, Higgins suffered a suspensory injury and is now retired and living on a private farm enjoying retirement he deserves.



Rosie's owners decided to retire her home where she can enjoy pasture life. Rose is a Quarter Horse, was born in 1990 and joined Little Bits in 2016 where she slowly won her way into the hearts of many that worked with her. She is a steady mare who loves to work but as an aged mare, deserves a break! 



Spud is a spunky Arab gelding who spent his first years on the endurance circuit. In his later years, he was a star member of the Little Bits string. Not your stereo-typical Arab with his calm, patient and quiet demeanor. He is retired due to a neurological condition and now living back with his owner.



Kisses (aka: Chocolate Chip Kisses) is a registered Quarter Horse mare born in 2002 and arrived in the fall of 2018. Kisses was donated by her family from Athabasca who knew Kisses would a perfect fit with Little Bits and she was.  Her sweet nature made her a fast favorite with both her riders and the volunteers that work with her but due to some health issues that are beyond our control, Kisses has gone back to her owners to retire and just be a horse.



Sheeza (aka: Sheza Lido Lena) is a registered bay Quarter Horse mare born in 1992 and arrived at Whitemud late 2015. Sheeza became a favorite with her Little Bits riders and helped endless riders overcome many obsticles. Her kind demeanor made her a favorite for volunteers that worked with her. Sheeza has retired and has now moved back with her owner where she will live out the rest of her days.

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