Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Association

Program Profile


Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Program for Persons with Disabilities (LBTRA) provides recreational riding programs for persons with disabilities with emphasis on development of independence, physical well being, ability, confidence and riding techniques. We are a not-for-profit, charitable organization, established in 1975.


The program is held at the Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association (WELCA) at: 12510 - Fox Drive, in the scenic North Saskatchewan River valley of Edmonton. WELCA is serviced by the Disabled Adult Transportation System (DATS) system and is on an Edmonton Transit System (ETS) route. Little Bits is an independent user group of the WELCA facility and pays significant funds for the use of the arena and lesson horses.


Class schedules consist of an 8-week winter session (Sunday and Wednesday), a 11-week spring session and a 11-week fall session. We also ride for five days (one week) in August for riders currently enrolled or already on waiting list. Classes are run on Tuesday mornings for adults, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon/evenings for children and adults and all-day Sunday, with classes for both adults and children. Classes are one hour in length, and run back to back on the hour. All safety equipment is provided, and specially selected and trained horses are used in the program.


All instructors are certified–understanding the principles of therapeutic riding recognized by the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) and the Cheff Centre in Augusta, Michigan.

LBTRA could not operate without the many dedicated volunteers who serve as leaders, side-walkers, and helping in the barn grooming and tacking up the horses. Volunteers are fully trained and no prior experience is necessary. LBTRA holds a Volunteer Training Session every spring and fall before the start of the current riding session. One must be at least 14 years old to apply as a leader or side-walker through our website at: or contacting littlebitsvolunteer@gmail.comThere are also many other volunteer opportunities in public relations, fundraising, and on committees of the Board of Directors.


Riders must purchase a yearly LBTRA membership, which at the present time is $15.00.

Riding fees are currently $385.00 for the 11-week spring and fall session and $280.00 for the 8-week winter session.  A participation service commitment of 5 hours per session (spring and fall) is also required cost is $160.00 per session. This is accomplished by having the members submit a post-dated cheque for $320 that covers the 10 hours. This cheque is returned when the service hours are completed.  LBTRA hosts a number of fund-raising events throughout the year at which the participation service hours can be satisfied. The riding fees are subsidized by approximately 50% through these LBTRA fund raising efforts.


LBTRA is run by a volunteer board of directors. These dedicated individuals meet the first Tuesday of each month at the Prince of Wales Armoury office.


LBTRA currently registers riders onto their Waiting List via an application from our website: Riders are taken from the waiting list when the most appropriate spot becomes available for them. Riders are placed according to age and ability. Currently the wait is approximately 18-24 months for children and may be longer for adults.


LBTRA is a registered charitable organization and to keep our program affordable for all riders we rely on donations and apply for grants to help fund our operations. We also rely on the support of individual and corporate donors.


For more information contact LBTRA at (780) 476-1233 or at:

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P.O. Box 29016, Pleasantview, Edmonton, AB, T6H 5Z6

Charitable Number: 11902 – 1277 RR0001