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"Hooves" That Retired


As former staff with hooves, the horses below are some of the retired horses that have worked with the Little Bits program.  

We are thankful for their service and dedication and cherish each one for their service. 



Bliss is a flea bitten grey that was born in 1997 and arrived in 2004 to Whitemud. Bliss has the strength, endurance and drive to out last most other horses. Bliss was much loved by his rides and volunteers though did love his fast pace. Bliss has gone back to live at his owners farm where he will be enjoying a more leisure life.


Gumper (aka: Life's Desire)

Gumper is a Canadian Standardbred gelding that was born in 2000 and was bought by Little Bits in 2018 for the program. Gumper fit in very well with the program but truly wanted to have a person for his very own. Gumper has found a new family and a new little girl to call his very own and we are very happy for him and wish him well at his new home.


Chocolate Chip Kisses (aka: Kisses)

Kisses is a registered Quarter Horse mare born in 2002 and arrived in the fall of 2018. Kisses was donated by her family from Athabasca who knew Kisses would a perfect fit with Little Bits and she was.  Her sweet nature made her a fast favorite with both her riders and the volunteers that work with her but due to some health issues that are beyond our control, Kisses has gone back to her owners to retire and just be a horse.

Sheeza _01_06_23_2020.jpg

Sheza Lido Lena (aka: Sheeza)

Sheeza is a registered bay Quarter Horse mare born in 1992 and arrived at Whitemud late 2015. Sheeza became a favorite with her Little Bits riders and helped endless riders overcome many obsticles. Her kind demeanor made her a favorite for volunteers that worked with her. Sheeza has retired and has now moved back with her owner where she will live out the rest of her days.


Caffi Latte

(aka: Caffi)

Caffi is a chestnut gelding that is privately owned and lives at Whitemud. Caffi has devoted may years to Little Bits and his riders  all loved spending time with him. Caffi lives with Steel and Remy and you will be able to find him in the field chilling out.