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"Hooves" That Retired


As former staff with hooves, the horses below are some of the retired horses that have worked with the Little Bits program.  

We are thankful for their service and dedication and cherish each one for their service. 


Hawaiian Holiday (aka: Maui)

Maui is a chestnut Quarter Horse gelding that was born in 2007. Maui was donated to Little Bits had a versatile background before he arrived at Whitemud in 2021. We were able to use his strengths to our advantage. Maui made his riders learn how to use their aides properly as he would allow you to ride him either english or western. Due to health reasons, Maui has been re-holmed where his new family loves him already.



Secret is a flea bitten grey Arabian mare that was born in 1998. Secret had a versatile background before she arrived at Whitemud in 2019 and we were able to use her strengths to our advantage. Secrets friendly manner, small size and long stride kept her riders happy. Secret has being retired from our program but you will still find her chilling with her mom around the grounds and is still being used in the Whitemud program.


Major & Jasper

In 2018, Jasper and Major arrived at Whitemud facility from a ranch where they had worked as trail riding and pack horses. Both are chestnut geldings that were born in 1999. They are very well behaved but have very distinctive looks and personalities that set them apart. Jasper has a broad blaze with a cute dish face and one white sock on his hind left, the same leg with his brand (which tells you where he was born and who his parents were). Major has a star and stripe with a slight roman nose and a white sock on his hind left as well. Both love to stand and get attention (groomed) from their favorite human (Debbie) and to pose for the camera.

You will find Jasper and Major living together in a paddock and are on special diets to help them as they are older. Major has been retired this year (2021) from our program.

Jasper is currently back in our program with independent riders.


Caffi Latte

(aka: Caffi)

Caffi is a chestnut gelding that is privately owned and lives at Whitemud. Caffi has devoted may years to Little Bits and his riders  all loved spending time with him. Caffi is still being used is some of the Whitemud classes but, you can usually find Caffi chilling out in the field with his friends.

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